As you saw on the homepage, I'm Jack! Kura in other places, but mostly Jack. He/him pronouns.

I illustrate, keep up with palaeontology news, and I have a lot of love for telling stories. I'm based in the UK and tend to go by 'broodlords' or 'broodlordrush' on other sites.

You can email me here! (please put the link here) Ask first if you want to message me over Discord.

I'm in my 20s and recently caught myself an illustration degree. I don't come from a tech or science background at all- this is my first step into making a website! It feels like I might be out of my depth sometimes, but practice makes everything.

A lot of what pushes me to create is the idea of getting weird with art. I have a lot of love for 'ugly' things and have always found weird designs in games and art to be the most memorable. Everything starts looking same-y if you're only going for designs that rely on being cool!

I'm 10 foot tall and 7 of it is torso.

If you want to find me anywhere else, the social media sites I use are linked below!

link 'em

Thank you for reading, and enjoy BROODLORDS!


As mentioned before, BROODLORDS is a personal site for me and my art. It's also my way of re-learning coding because it was impossible for me in the past. BROODLORDS is pretty much entirely made with the Neocities code editor, so you'll see a LOT of updates through this!

After mostly posting my art on social media, I was getting towards the end of my degree and wanted to have something that felt like a home for my art. A lot of places offered convenience but wanted money for very simple templates with very little customisation. The main website I tried made it nearly impossible to log in because their service thought I was a bot. While wanting to host my art and have a place to myself, I wound up really wanting to make a website.

So I did! And it's taken a lot of attempts to get it to this stage.

This made me realise just how important it is to create my own website. Yes, it takes more time. Yes, you can make a 'professional' site without having to write a line of code, but I still think this is the best option for me. Anyone can make a website, and collections of peoples art should be more than dragging and dropping art into the same few templates.

I'm also aware that I used a template for this site, but I'm still coding a majority of this myself!


I don't know if these questions will be asked frequently, but I imagine there might be some already! So!

    Firstly, it sounds cool! Secondly, the name BROODLORDS comes from me shortening 'Brood Lord rush', which is another handle I like using (though it's always shortened to 'broodlordrush'). If you know about StarCraft II, you might know that Brood Lords are giant floating alien manta rays. Their designs are charming and gross, and there are a lot of other monsters called brood lords!
  • Does it have to be in all caps?
    It looks nicer in all caps. And I think BROODLORDS stands out more than BroodLords would!
  • What do you draw with?
    I'm mostly a digital artist. I work with watercolour occasionally and love making lineart with pen and paper, but I've been using tablets and art programs since I was a kid. I deal with chronic pain now and drawing digitally lets me take my time more than a painting would.
  • Can you animate?
    I'll put this as a tentative yes! Animation takes a long time. I wanted to be an animator for a while but I don't have the physical ability for it, but simple animations and short animatics are fun when I have the time!